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©Marie Négré-Desurmont
©Marie Négré-Desurmont
©Marie Négré-Desurmont

My name is Marie, (Paris, 92) I'm a reporter adventurer and before I was gone on the roads I studied Literature and Cinema at La Sorbonne. I dit it for passion as everything I do in my life. Then I went away in New Zealand to work as a travel designer for Oceania. Then I came back in my country home;

I started to plan a travel and another, always further to the east that fascinates me.

I follow the thread of migrations, willing to know more about the tribes and cultures of our planet and value them as a reporter, to save cultural diversity and improve mutual understanding. 

I'm totally devoted for this cause. 

Genèse des expéditions

Paris-Pékin & Paris-New-York

The first time I walked on the paths of men was to join Beijing from Paris. China did not attract me and I wanted to know why. To avoid an error of judgment, and understand this culture in a bigger perspective, I tried to follow a thread that would take me to them; the thread of human migrations that you can follow on foot at man's height, which restores the world and shows the history of the peoples who do it.

Sapian peoples who came out of Africa 175,000 years ago and have infused the lands with their culture for centuries, driven by a constant movement that has led them to the Americas.

It’s these thousands of years of commercial exchanges and cultural interactions that I sensed by traveling the world with the help of its inhabitants; they offer me treasures of normal lives and the elements that I need to understand this human chronicle.


What better way, to understand Chinese people and their culture, to meet the Russians in Siberia and their way of life, then the Mongols in the Buryat steppe, before finally discover Mongolia, a huge country whose magnificent history introduced you to China. From the Transsiberian to the Gobi paths, I’ve experienced distance and time, which makes me appreciate more the encounters and the conveniences of the houses where I am welcomed.

Hardened by hours of travel, I observe the aspect of the cities where I finally land; I understand their character better because I met, in the trains and cars, those who live there and pass by. I understand that Mongolia has been the hub of Russian-Chinese commerce, and I even know why the Chinese have their eyes slanted.


I had time to get used to everything, had a better perspective on everything and I’ve even got some secret details.

But above all, I saw for the first time this thread that connects men to each other all over the world and revealing it has become the subject of my work.


With a similar idea I left France to join New York, through Siberia and Alaska, to follow the flow that led the Beringian people to America. I studied what they have become, Inuit, Yupiks, Tlingits, Aleut ... what still binds them today to the Siberian tribes, the history of contact with Russians and Europeans and their interactions, their issues with the global changes and those of their culture, torn apart, in the 21st century.


Well, this is the human adventure I tell you here.

Dans la neige de Sibérie -
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