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 25000mi on ground (almost) 

On a world map, we can see that Europe and America are very close. A sound two times bigger than the Channel between England and France separate them. 
It has make me think of the men, the Beringians, who had populated the American continent 8000 years BC taking this road, when this strait was covered by ice. I thought that if it had been possible then, it should not be impossible today.


Then I chose to follow the thread of peoples who have migrated from one continent to another over thousands of years, from A to Z, to have the biggest overview possible, propose a more sensitive and bold approach to travel ... and most of all, show that no road is impossible if it has been possible for others.

Here is my challenge to pave the way for new ambitions, bring down some mental patterns and feed some dreams of adventure.


I would travel hitchhiking, sleeping where I'd be welcomed and stay open to any opportunities and advice that will be given to me.

I'm 26, I run often but I easily make the same distance every week to find the best cheese board in Paris. Doing 25000mi to NYC is surely quite original, but it's nothing impossible.

In my opinion, immersing oneself in space and in a territory, undergoing the climates, the discomfort and the hours of travel that separate the cities, make us understand better the character of the populations and the appearance of the cities we visit: travelling this way will not make me love all peoples and all cultures, but that's what allows me to appreciate them with an overview ... and understand each other is a good start to get along better.

Since the time of the Inuit and Aleut, things have changed a lot, and even though transportation happened in the meantime, Russian administration and other lovely stuff did too. 
Crossing Siberia, Bering and Alaska requires a good preparation upstream, and a little patience ... at some point, a simple business visa can be enough, then you will need special authorizations for some regions as Yakutia or the Chukotka Autonomous District where I am going. These areas are militarized, and except from local populations, they are suspicious if any one else come. 

I apply for those authorization thanks to a Russian scientist I'm in contact with ; a great man who works to save the permafrost in his region, rehabilitating it from the time of the Pleistocene (time of mammoths). Take a look at his incredible work here ; Pleistocene Park.


Then I start to pack my bag. The list of my basics ; here


And then, finally, I leave. I trust the roads, they follow human's need ; "they go from one fountain to another" said Saint Exupery.

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